Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Welcome to the Hendrix in London blog!

We thought this might be a good way to share things we've learned. If you have things to add, post comments or email them to Diane. Watch here, too, for announcements from Wayne.

Great websites for getting around:

Transport for London's web site: This lets you put in a starting and ending address and find the best route. It will even tell you if you're better off walking! Plus it has announcements about the tube strike.

Know you saw a shop but can't remember the name? Try It lets you see what shops are on a road via a picture of the streetscape. Here's an example from Tottenham Court Road:

Deals of the week:

Buy Time Out this week - it has a 2 for 1 coupon for dinner at Wagamama, meaning 2 can eat a great dinner for less than 10 pounds (through 9/11). The closest Wagamama is on Streatham, left off Gower just past Great Russell Street. By the way, Time Out is available for a discount at the ULU (2.10 instead of the cover price of 2.80).

Sainsbury has ready-to-bake pizzas (cheese, pepperoni, ham & pineapple) on for less than 1.70. They're decent, not great.

Upcoming deals:

Use a Post Office phone card for 15 pence calls (unlimited time) to the States on Sundays in October! Go to the Post Office to get a card and for more details.
Get your Oyster card if you haven't already. It allows you to travel for half price, and will never exceed the cost of a daily pass (3 pounds on the bus, more on the tube).
The welcome reception is at 5 Thursday in our room.
The first potluck (purely optional!) will be Monday at 5:30 in our room.

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Katie Rice said...

Potluck moved back to 6 p.m., by general consensus.